If you're reading this then you must definitely have come across Heer's name before.

And all for good reason.

Heer, the Indian Goddess!

Within the last 7 months I have booked her twice (not enough tbh) for a 1 hour SM and both times have been really easy.

She gives clear instructions on extras and packages.

As soon as you open the door you you are blown away with her beautiful smile, bubbly personality and massive tits.

Her body is in great condition and you can tell she prides herself on how she presents herself.

Straight away she makes you feel at ease with general talk and banter. She has a really infectious laugh, cracks some good jokes and makes the whole experience actually seem like an experience unlike other ladies who just shepherd you in and out like cows on a dairy farm.

After the paperwork was all sorted I proceeded to lay myself on the bed and the magic began.

The oil she uses is warm and she lathers it on. When I mean lather, I mean that stuff almost turns into a nuru session.

She mixes a bit of firm massage (if you want) and sensual strokes. The best is when she starts with her body slides. Oh man, next level.

Unlike other SM's she actually slides on you instead of just rolling her boobs in a circle (Idk about you guys, but that doesn't cut the mustard for me).

All while this is going on she is casually engaging in casual conversation like she has been your friend for years.