another wet and wild visit for HEER the squirter

After reading so many reviews and comments on Heer, I figured I may as well do the only thing that would clarify the controversy surrounding this woman to my satisfaction - a personal experience.

From initial contact, I found Heer to be pleasant in ever aspect. She is an easy lady to contact, very communicative and accommodating.

Making a booking was an easy experience, as was finding her location as she immediately sends a very detailed text with clear instruction.

Heer presents as a very nice and sincere lady with a genuine desire to please and a professional approach to her service - but not too professional to be impersonal. Dressed in an elegant sheer dress and makeup, she was welcoming and enticing from the time the door was opened. The service she provides is easily measured to be a full GFE experience.

My time with Heer was fully engaged and engaging, with a full GFE including everything expected from this service, plus a few surprises. This was my first experience with a squirter of such magnitude! Be careful with that - she could take an eye out if you are not prepared!

This lady was so relaxed with her service that she did not realise she had run 25 minutes over time until I pointed it out when leaving. It really was a pleasure to feel unhurried and relaxed until the end.

Anyone who has been 'on the fence' with regard to booking this lady should be assured that her service and personality are both equal to the best reviews she has had on this site! Book her before she is gone back to the wasteland of Auckers!

I am quite satisfied that once you peel past the political agendas and mis-information, you will find Heer's service to a memorable one.

Heer is more than a good time - she's a mobile Theme Park - A Wet and Wild Ride!



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