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Updated: Nov 25, 2020

So...I am in Rotorua for the last two and a half months, and it absolutely sucks. I mean, it is a beautiful town, and nice swim in the lakes, and I got lucky in the only nightclub in town a couple of times and all that...but not many "recognised and reputed" NZG chicas visit here. Gisborne gets the share, so does Tauranga and Taupo...but Rotorua gets arse. Probably 'cause of the arsehole like sulphur smell.

Thankfully Heer is in town.

Now, I remember meeting Heer, during the peek Cold War here in the forum, last year in Auckland...when the belligerent camps were Pro-Heer and Anti-Heer. Things have died down since then, for better...if I might add.

So, I was curious, if complacency took over this babe, or her service is still top-notch.

Couple of texts later, I found myself in front of a motel, five mins drive from city center. Discreet entrance to a nice comfy room. Another fifteen mins, and my shoulder plates felt like I could use turntable like a DJ, on all my four sides, 'cause my hands were so free after a STRONG (in Bold, Capital) North Indian massage.

Deepthroat has improved...with new techniques deployed as new ammunition in her arsenal. I won't say what, go find out yourself. All the brilliant positions, squirting while on top of me, missionary and doggy...

Now, on to dessert...and if you're into anal...which I am told, is not for everyone, and strictly based on the discretion, acquaintance and comfort level of the girl.

I was lucky, 'cause I have been with her before, and God knows I am smooth as hell! And comfy... also.

Bottom line...I "admired and explored" her beautiful bottom, in every way possible.

Completely spent after an hour and a half of steamy sheets session, and after having lunch together, I took a shower and back to work.

So, ladies and gents... boys and girls... children of all ages. It's a fact that Roto is not the favourite hunting ground of stars of NZG... which is sad, 'cause there are a lot of potential clients here, if a proper pre-tour advertisements and marketing can be done.

So, don't miss this opportunity, it comes rarely. And it's about time, someone reviews this gem again. Heer means diamond in Hindi anyway.

Good service, which makes a client/customer feel like a king. If services are meant to satisfy customers, as Bill Gates once astutely observed, then a lot of girls need to learn from Heer.

Go and have fun. You won't regret.



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