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Lots been said about this girl in recent months which I have followed.

Heer is a modern day delight.

I booked Heer yesterday lunch for an hour but due to circumstances outwith my control couldn't do the hour. When discussed with Heer she was more than happy to accommodate the half hour - does this sound like a rude obnoxious person.

After a warm welcome - great shower - nice easy conversation Heer took control. (Love a woman that takes control).

Massage was relaxing but also strong and when the body slides arrived ridiculously arousing. She is so physically fit she manages to sweep from bottom of body right to the top in one motion. Loved it.

Service was passionate, intense but at all times felt very real which is very unusual. The connection others have mentioned she has mastered.

She enjoys her breasts being played with Licked, squeezed. She made it clear she likes a very light slap of the bottom whilst foreplay continues.

Deep throat to the extreme. very sensitive and arousing licking of the balls. She slapped her face, tongue with my cock. How would anyone not like that!!!!

The passion continued throughout the service and she finished me off with ease.

A very responsive girl who only wants to please.

LOOKS - 9/10 very attractive

PERSONALITY - 9/10 easy to talk to very open

BREASTS - 10/10 I'm a tit man and boy are heers empressive. 100% the real deal

KISSING - Passionate and intense.

CBJ - Deep, Deep, Deep.

SEX - Heer appears to want to get her rocks off as much as yours.

SERVICE - 9/10 I know next time will be a 10 when as promised the gusher will be unleashed.

Overall the finest service I have ever encountered by a country mile.

Not here forever guys you need to make sure you take this opportunity.

(I have forgotten my password and old email account no longer in existence (Long story). Haven't been active on forum since September. Old Name Fraggle 74. You will find reviews of a few Asians as that is normally what I head for.

Favourite punt prior to this VAL and still looking for Jennifer)

Just want people to know I am real and a not friend of Heer.

Heer thank you for an amazing time yesterday look forward to next performance next week.



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