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Heer just incredible

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

After a few attempts I finally had the good fortune to meet Heer and it was so worth the wait. Communication was easy as and accommodation perfect for discretion.

When Heer opened the door my first thought was how her pictures don't do her justice...she is absolutely stunning in person!! I really like that Heer is really chatty, it helped break the ice and calm the nerves. Paperwork and shower out of the way and time for the most amazing massage I think I have ever had...the whole nine yards lingham, sensual it was incredible...and holy shit the level!!!

When Heer rolled me over and I seen her naked my jaw must have hit the floor, she has the perfect body...I believe I may have said that more than a few times and I couldn't keep my hands off it!!! And as per a previous review I was questioning wether I was an ass or tit man. More bodyslides, lingham massages and heavenly bliss followed. Heers oral skills are mind blowing and the sex was so much fun with Heer on top then in missionary before she finished me off with a hand job that had me levitating from the bed.

I now see why there are so many reviews and I am now one of the legions of Heer fans. I know im repeating what everyone here knows but that's my 2 cents worth.

Heer if you read this thank you, you absolutely rocked my world and I hope our paths cross again.

Your red bull and water delivery guy



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