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Heer; the final curtain for this old sea dog..

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

The day has come for me to bring my punting to a close. I started punting as a response to a mid life crisis, and justified it as a means to establish why my sex drive had diminished. There were still three people on my bucket list, Heer, Tessa, and Emily winter. All three were on there because of the way they presented themselves on this forum, and I truly regret that I will not meet Emily or Tessa. I finally met Heer last night.

Many will remember the shit storm that was Heer/Laila 6 months back. My personal view changed throughout the storm, and I felt Heer had acknowledged her early mistakes, and genuinely wanted to become a top player. I choose to support her, but always in the back of my mind, was that a leopard is unlikely to change it's spots. I have had a nagging desire to find out for myself ever since.

Now I don't have an 'Indian' thing, nor do I target young girls, but I had this nagging urge to meet Heer to set my own mind straight regarding her attitude to her work. I made the booking via text, absolutely determined that she would see me as just another punter off the street, not somebody with a profile on AF.

I arrived and was met with an affectionate greeting. Heer asked if I wanted a drink, and I replied I would have whatever she was having, as it turned out, she was about to make a cup of tea. Our first 10 minutes were spent talking over a cup of tea, all very civilised really I wondered briefly if this was a ploy to chew up some time, but it soon became apparent that Heer was using the time to 'steer' the booking in a very positive manner. Very cleverly woven into the discussion were details of what she liked, what she didn't like, and what she expected regarding safety and behavior. Within 10 minutes I was very comfortable in her company.

At 30 minutes into the booking, I was more than comfortable that Heer was truly committed to providing the best service she could. I was actually feeling quite deceitful regarding my identity, and disclosed my online profile.

As a result, we talked for quite some time about ourselves, the industry, and even the forum. Those who have read my reviews will be well aware that I enjoy the communication part of a booking as much as the sex, and this was no exception. By this time I had enjoyed a great massage, and two bites of the cherry. At no stage had I seen Heer look at a clock, but I had clearly used up my allocated time. Strangely, the booking ended as it began, with another cup of tea, or so I thought. I was fully clothed again, just chatting in the afterglow, when Heer very politely asked if I would discuss my booking with Kali:

She was clearly interested to understand what was involved, as it doesn't seem to be listed in the Kama Sutra After some very subtle suggestion around the topic, I said I was happy to be a guinea pig, but warned that I was far from experienced in the technique, having only experienced it once. So after a bit more discussion, it was off with the clothes again. Now I stress that this could have easily ended badly, but Heer listened very carefully to my instructions, and once again bought me to a shattering climax. I never thought the day would come when this old sea dog would teach a WG something! I suspect this is something Heer will ultimately offer to future clients, and while it might not be for every girl/punter, I admire Heer even more, for her desire to learn all she can to accommodate her clients.

So in summary, IMHO Heer is up there with the best. She is intelligent, pretty (particularly without makeup) and committed to being the best she can be. I simply can't think of a better punt, to bring to a close my foray into the world of professional sex services.

The last 18 months have taught me a lot. I entered this thinking this was an industry of desperate drug addicts, seen by a group of equally sad and desperate men. I leave in the knowledge that the vast majority of the girls I have seen have a tertiary education, and have discovered the financial and personal rewards the profession brings. Through the forum I have found that many punters are very highly educated, and very likable people. I have truly enjoyed interacting with both, and I freely acknowledge how wrong my initial uninformed view of the sex industry was.

To those who I have become involved with, thanks for sharing what you have, and for helping make my punting the success it has been. I truly feel I leave a richer person as a result of my experience, and wish you all well in the future.

Hello Sailor


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