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i was curious

I wanted to meet Heer last year, as I was curious with all the BS going on, as to what she was really like, so I made a booking.

When I arrived at her work place, she entered the room and gave me a kiss and straight away, you could tell what she is like, friendly genuine and very caring.

As I have mentioned before replying to other threads , she gives the best massage out there, that is another reason why I love seeing her because not only is the sex good, the conversation, the massage and the overall honeymoon experience you get from her makes the rest of your day so relaxing.

The other reason why I am writing this, is because when she was being bashed on forum about her service, plus the other bullshit, she lifted her head up high and wanted to be one of the best out there and she is. When I saw her for the first time she looked me in the eye and said can you please tell me how to improve my service so no one leaves unhappy, I said to her, do exactly the same as you did with me today and she gave me a big smile.

Prior to seeing Amora Lima last week, I booked Heer again as I hadn't seen her for some time and it was the same as the previous times, I got an awesome massage, Honeymoon GFE, BJ x 2, multiple positions and sex twice. What more can I say about this girl, I am sure many others will agree.



Review 95

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