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my first indian experience

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

So finally got the chance to see Heer after some working around. First thought of SM with Heer but then decided full service was the order of the day. So made the booking and the countdown was on. Then a slight change in plan meant I was an hour closer to meeting the lady.

Got the address, I know the house well have met some absolutely lovely ladies there, some who have had return visits on a few occasions. Well arrived at the location and into the premises. Lovely greeting nice and affectionate, then upstairs. Nice lingerie and a view of a pert little derriere had me panting in anticipation. So formalities out of the way and a quick shower and into the fun.

Now Heer is something different, Heer gave me a really good massage to help relax, this was not just rub a dub dub, it was a genuine massage. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Then the lady told me about her abilities in the oral department. SHE DID NOT LIE. This lady should give lessons, I had to stop her before I embarrassed myself. Suggested it was my turn and the lady excitedly agreed. Heer knows what she likes and listen up guys, if you ask the girl what she likes and give her just that, the rewards are just something to behold. I think the lady enjoyed my endeavors........ a hot display of appreciation was shown. Heer That was something that will need to be experienced again. I think you will agree I can follow direction

I fear I am going into too much detail and do not wish to offend the lady. Suffice to say we continued our rendezvous with some amazing fun, hot hot hot Heer you know what I mean left me in a quivering mess with a mutual mess. I couldnt sleep on that side of the bed if it was at home lol.

Heer is intelligent, fun and might I suggest dont ask her to surprise you, it might be more than you bargain for....

And the one other thing to mention is this ladies magnificent bust. Holy hell this is something that should really be appreciated, and I might say I did appreciate it so many times.

Thank you for a really good evening Heer and I will look forward to the next time I can sample the delights that India has to offer. My first Indian experience has me now thinking I need to expand my horizons and become more cultured. Heer I will be back it was nice to experience yet another time with someone who takes pride in what they do.

Anyhow there it is I would suggest taking the time to meet this lady if you get the chance. But gentlemen, listen to her, she knows what she likes, treat her right and the experience will be as good as mine. It was nice to be complimented on my attentions.

Thank you Heer

Sheam Rock


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